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The Boss Key can be found in various dungeons throughout the Guild Wars expansion, Eye of the North. The Boss Key apears as an item dropped on the ground by a certain enemy in each dungeon. This item can be picked up but will not appear in the inventory. When the Boss Key has been attained, a message will be displayed on the screen and the party may now activate the Boss Lock to open the Boss Door.This Key is very Important due to the fact that you cannot continue to the boss of the Dungeon without it.

  • While "Journeying to the Asura Gate" a key-like symbol appears in the mini-map in the South end, after acquiring the scroll at the symbol near the North entrance. It is reported to appear in other Dungeons in "Eye of the North" as well, which would be expected.
  • A squad of mobs in a neat 2x3 arrangement is found near that symbol. After the enemies are dispatched there is a drop named "Boss Key". It does not go into your Inventory like other drops, but displays as on-screen text and symbol.
  • One spare inventory slot is required to pick up the boss key, although it doesn't actually take up the slot.
  • Any party member can use the key on any lock for which it is required.
  • At the 'door' symbol further South there is a "Boss Lock" on the ground. Allies and enemies near the door can do melee and AoE damage through the door even before it is opened. Ranged damage seems to be blocked.
  • After the door is opened the "Boss Key" notice remains on-screen.