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Disambiguous.png This article is about bounties at resurrection shrines. For Shining Blade bounty quests, see Shining Blade Bounty.

Bounties (also known as "conscription orders" or "hunts") are blessings offered by NPCs next to resurrection shrines in explorable areas that allow you to collect various reputation or faction points.


There are three main types of bounty, one for each campaign except Prophecies:

The specific bounties are described in the following table.

Bounty Reputation/Faction Availability Notes
Blessing of the Kurzicks Kurzick Faction Echovald Forest, Pongmei Valley Cost: 100 Gold
+25 maximum Health, +3 Health regeneration
Blessing of the Luxons Luxon Faction The Jade Sea, Pongmei Valley
Sunspear bounties Sunspear Promotion Points all Elona except the Realm of Torment Targets specific species or other group of enemies only
Double XP (Normal Mode only)
Lightbringer bounties Lightbringer Points all Elona except Istan
Eye of the North
Asuran Bodyguard Asuran reputation points Tarnished Coast, Verdant Cascades Random bonus effects for every multiple of 25 enemies killed
Dwarven Raider Deldrimor reputation points Depths of Tyria
Norn Hunting Party Norn reputation points Far Shiverpeaks
Vanguard Patrol Ebon Vanguard reputation points Charr Homelands

A bounty lasts until you leave the current zone. The bounty will only benefit characters who take it, however, it will count all kills made by any party member, no matter how far apart the characters are. As such, multiple players can take on a bounty and then spread out in different directions to kill foes with each kill counting for the entire party.

Only foes from which the character gains experience are counted by bounties. This means that spirits, resurrected monsters, and monsters summoned with Call to the Torment do not count.

Any number of different bounties can be active at the same time.

Anomaly.png Anomaly! Being disconnected from the instance (through any means) and reconnecting back into it resets your number of kills; this can hamper the boss bonus points you would originally receive if you were counting of them to reach further in your title.

Normal Mode cut-offs[]

As a character increases in level and gains ranks in the associated title tracks, most bounties will eventually become unavailable in order to prevent easy farming for promotion points.

  • Kurzick/Luxon bounties have no cut-off, they are always available in both Normal and Hard Mode.
  • On the island of Istan, Sunspear bounties progressively become unavailable in Normal Mode as you gain levels and Sunspear ranks. The exact cut-offs for character level are based upon the highest level of a certain species on the map. Once a character stops gaining experience from the highest level of a species (more than 5 levels difference), the bounty won't be offered anymore. One exception for this rule is the plains of Jarin, where the insect and the plant hunt stops when you reach level 8, although there are level 6 plants and insects on the west side of the map. Also all bounties on Istan become unavailable upon reaching the rank of Sunspear Commander (6). Elsewhere in Elona, Sunspear bounties become unavailable after reaching the rank of Sunspear Castellan (8).
  • Lightbringer bounties in Kourna become unavailable after reaching the rank of Lightbringer (1). Elsewhere, they are available in Normal Mode until the maximum rank of Holy Lightbringer (8).
    • Both Sunspear and Lightbringer bounties are always available in Hard Mode, even after achieving the maximum rank of the title track.
  • Reputation bounties are available in Normal Mode until reaching rank 8 in the respective title track, and in Hard Mode until reaching rank 10. Characters will then receive a "Veteran" blessing instead, which grants a specific status effect for every 25 kills.