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A Two-Handed projectile weapon that causes piercing damage, there are a variety of bows in Guild Wars. The Ranger's Marksmanship attribute improves the damage of and is generally a requirement for this weapon type. Bow Attacks can only be performed when equipped with a bow.

Bow Classes[]

There are five different classes of bows, each of which has different range, attack speed, arc size, and projectile speed. Refire rate directly affects the DPS of the bow. Additionally, arc size also affects the pathing of the arrow -- some obstacles might obstruct a bow with small arc size, but a bow with large arc size may be able to fly over the obstacle.

Weapon Refire Rate Range1 Flight Time2 Arc Size Special Feature
Longbow 2.4 seconds 1.6 0.59 seconds Medium None
Flatbow 2.0 seconds 1.6 0.88 seconds Large None
Hornbow 2.7 seconds 1.4 0.59 seconds Medium +10% Armor penetration
Recurve Bow 2.4 seconds 1.4 0.40 seconds Small None
Shortbow 2.0 seconds 1.05 0.59 seconds Medium None

1 Range is approximated in the radius of the aggro circle measured on approximately flat ground.

  • Being at a higher elevation than your target increases the range your arrows can reach, and at a lower elevation your range is shortened. Having height advantage to your target will also increase your damage by up to 100% of the listed damage, depending on the amount of elevation.

2Flight Time is for a target at Shortbow range distance.

  • Note that Guild Wars does not factor in accuracy of bows the same way other games do. Accuracy is determined by Flight Time and Arc Size.

Max damage range of a bow is always 15-28, regardless of bow class. Bows with maximum damage have been observed with attribute requirements as low as 7. Bows with an attribute requirement of 0 have been observed with damage ranges as high as 9-13, although the Candy Cane Bow and Wintergreen Bow (only available during Wintersday) both do 15-15 damage (modified normally) but have no attribute requirement.

Bow Types[]

Please consult our visual gallery or see them listed by campaign and type below.



PvP Bows
  • PvP Flatbow
  • PvP Hornbow
  • PvP Longbow
  • PvP Recurve Bow
  • PvP Shortbow
Starter Weapons        
Realms of the Gods    


Bow Class Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Collector / Crafter
Deldrimor Bows
Other Bows
Unique Bows


Bow Class Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Bramble Bows
Naga Bows      
Plagueborn Bows    
Other Bows        
Elite Mission bows      
Unique Bows (Shing Jea Island)      
Unique Bows (Canthan Mainland)
Unique Bows (Urgoz's Warren)    


Bow Class Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Ancient Bows
Azure Bows
Bramble Bows
Skull Bows
Tormented Bows
Vabbian Bows

Other Bows

Unique Bows

Eye of the North[]

Bow Class Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Asuran Bows
Charrslayer Bows
Maplewood Bows
Destroyer Bows
Norn Bows
Other Bows
Unique Bows

Bonus Mission Pack[]

Bow Class Flatbow Hornbow Longbow Recurve Bow Shortbow
Charr Bows
Mursaat Bows
Tengu Bows
Undead Bows

Upgrades and Modifiers[]

The weapon upgrades for the bow are Bowstring (prefix) and Bow Grip (suffix).