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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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Broken Tower
Broken Tower.jpg
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: King of the Hill
Part of: The Rift
Broken Tower map.jpg
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The Broken Tower is normally the third PvP map in the Heroes' Ascent Tournament. It is a "Kill Count" map designed for 3 teams. Teams start on three opposing sides of the map. The center of the map consists of the altar that gives its owner a 10% damage bonus and a chance for a morale boost. To win, a team must score the most kills before time runs out. In the event of a tie, the team that scored the last kill wins.

The team currently in the lead is easily denoted by the star that appears next to the team's score.

To claim the altar in the center, you must have more players near the altar than that of the opposing team, not unlike capturing shrines in Alliance Battle maps. The Ghostly Hero is worth four "players" in this instance. The team holding the center will then gain a damage bonus, along with a 10% morale boost every 2 minutes the altar is held.

Teams on this map are automatically resurrected every minute.


  • In the Broken Tower, each team has a Ghostly Hero and a Resurrection Orb close to its starting position.


  • This map was temporarily changed to feature only 2 teams. This was changed back to 3 teams in the October 5, 2006, update.
  • This map used to be a "King of the Hill" map until it was changed to its current form in an effort to stave off stalemates.
  • This map has been removed from the map rotation in the August 2, 2007, update


  • Killing the enemy Ghostly Hero is worth 2 points instead of the standard 1 per kill.
  • Getting the first kill earns double points.

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