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Budger Blackpowder
Budger Blackpowder.JPG
Species: Dwarf
Profession: Ranger Ranger-icon.png
Level(s): 20


Budger Blackpowder is a dwarven explosives specialist. He is the assistant of Ennis Granitestrider and together they seek to destroy the Forge operated by the Stone Summit deep within Sorrow's Furnace.

He escorts players during the quest The Forge Heart and provides ample explosives in the form of Powder Kegs.


Skills Used[]


When taking a keg from him:

"Watch where ye stick that stuff. Ye could put an eye out."
"Nothing sounds as good as a little boom-boom, eh?"
"Do you know why me powder kegs are so good? I use griffin guano to give 'em that extra kick!"
"Once, I gave someone a keg, and they used it as a chair. Not pretty."
"Can ye believe they waste me precious powder on somethin' as mundane as mining ore?


  • He doesn't have an animation to lay traps so it appears as though he uses the knock down animation instead.
  • He is invulnerable.
  • In Guild Wars: Eye of the North, he is found in Drakkar Lake, but he follows the party, if hired, into any other explorable area. Budger will leave when the party enters an outpost or dungeon.
  • He provides kegs every 4 seconds (approximately), which cause 50 damage and knockdown to foes in range.
Historical note.png Historical note: Prior to the 11 June 2009 update, Budger would dispense kegs more quickly.