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"Build" is a term with several meanings. You can infer the intended definition from the way it is used in each instance.

ArenaNet often announces in-game that "a new build of Guild Wars is available." This means that the game has been updated while you have been playing. You should close the program and re-open it to get the update.

Other meanings refer to a certain configuration for a single character or a whole party.

Character builds[ | ]

A character build refers to the composition of a character. As there are a myriad of ways to develop a character, different builds are often compared, discussed, lauded and criticized in web forums and/or chat rooms.

For Guild Wars, the following information is usually pertinent:

The following information is also occasionally included:

Since the introduction of the Skill Template system, players can quickly broadcast their builds to their party (often called Pinging one's build) by holding the control (Ctrl) key and clicking the skill bar. The current skill set will be published as a link in the chat window, available to be clicked and reviewed by party members. The skill template window shows both Primary and Secondary professions, current Attribute levels (excluding runes and/or headgears) and the 8 skills currently on the broadcasting player's bar. Players can also quickly share builds with friends and party members using the "Save Template" option. Note that, while not being an essential part of a build, a strategy description often helps other players to better understand a build's purpose, strengths, and weaknesses. At the moment, there is no option to attach a description to a build to help in such situations, apart from naming the build accordingly.

Team builds[ | ]

A team build refers to the combination of individual character builds to form a party. A team build should include the needed individual builds as well as strategy for how the players should work together.

Team builds for different PvP types and PvE areas can differ greatly.

External build editors[ | ]

The following third party "build creators" have become popular in the player community:

Wiki builds[ | ]

  • PvX Wiki is a fork of the GuildWiki project, which started with builds originally created on this wiki.