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Burning Isle
Burning Isle
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Guild Hall
Part of: The Battle Isles
Map of Burning Isle
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The Burning Isle is a Guild Hall, first introduced in Guild Wars Prophecies.


The map is O-shaped with a huge volcanic hole in the middle. Defenders start southwest. Attackers start northeast. The Flag stand is northwest behind a lava pond. There is a direct way from the bases to the flag stand through lava ponds, and a zigzag path over bridges. The southeast ambush-path leads through big lava ponds guarded by neutral Lesser Flame Sentinels (they have the appearance of Flesh Golems) that don't move but have a high damage ranged attack. The Burning Isle guild hall is among favorites for beginners because of the Lava inlets that allow strategies to unfold in for starters.



Both teams start with several NPCs.


Since it is very hard to get a split team past the sentinels, this guild hall can be considered an anti-split map. Therefore it is a favorite among spike teams (who usually have a hard time splitting). Ranger spike teams can also use the height advantage gained from standing on top of the bridges.

The flag stand is in the middle of a pool of lava (and the fastest way from the flag spawn point there leads through more lava), additionally, enemies who fight at the main open area near the flag stand can easily cast spells upon or use ranged attacks on the flag runner. This makes flag running harder than usual. A common tactic is to try to delay the opponent flag runner in the lava, thus forcing a morale boost.

The lava on Burning Isle makes movement slow and hazardous by inducing Crippled and Burning Conditions. Avatar of Melandru Dervishes can speed up flag running on this map as well as attack enemies crossing the lava pits.

In addition, Lesser Flame Sentinels, hostile to both teams, guard the shorter, lava-filled route between the two bases. Although they die due to Health degeneration around the 12:00 mark by themselves, teams wanting to split earlier can send a Ranger with Poison and a flat bow to eliminate the Sentinels without getting in range of their attacks. Protective Spirit helps defend against them as well.


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