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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Calling All Thugs (Hard mode).



  1. Travel to Shadow's Passage and investigate the meeting.
  2. Speak with the attendees to find out what the criminals are planning. Avoid the group you are disguised as and mind your tongue. The wrong words will draw unwanted attention.
  3. Go listen to the criminal's speech. Leaving early will blow your cover.
  4. Escape the meeting.
  5. See Guardsman Qao Lin for your reward.

Obtained from

Guardsman Qao Lin in Kaineng Center


Finding Jinnai



[Solo Quest] One of my guards uncovered something alarming on a ship trying to smuggle stolen rice wine out of the Kaineng Docks. You're not going to belive me, but it looks like someone has sent out a help wanted ad... for criminals. It calls for all "able-bodied thieves, murderers, scallywags, mercenaries of ill repute, thugs, brutes, gangsters, or anyone else lookin' for a good fight" to meet in Shadow's Passage for an "offer they can't refuse."
Normally I would pass this off as far too conspicuous for it to be real and assume it was just a prank, or some kid's game. But with the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood being so quiet recently, I almost wonder if it might be real...
I was wondering if you might be willing to investigate this for me. My men are soldiers, not spies, and I doubt they would be able to infiltrate much of anything. I have some disguises you could use, on the off chance this is real. Oh, and I'd go alone if I were you. The less people, the less likely one of you gets recognized!
Accept: Any chance to play dress-up!
Reject: I'm not going to waste my time on this wild moa chase.
When asked about quest: Speak with me when you're ready to go, and we'll find you a disguise that fits!

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (lots of dialogue with NPCs)

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (big speech)

Apep, Unending Night: Gentlemen, ladies... I've called you all here because we have a common problem.
Apep, Unending Night: That problem goes by many names. The Ministry of Purity is the latest along a long line of do-gooders who are trying to upset the delicate balance between criminals and their victims. This needs to stop.
Justiciar Jeremy: The Ministry of Purity is your problem. Why should we help you? What's in it for us?
Apep, Unending Night: We're getting to that...
Reisen the Phoenix: We're not BAD people. We're opportunistic people. Normal people see a little old lady on the side of the road, we see a coin purse with hands too frail to hold on to it. What can I say, it's a gift!
Hermeck the Blade: So, what. We're going to go rob the elderly? Is it Tuesday again already?
Reisen the Phoenix: No, it's an example. Look. Right now, the Ministry of Purity thinks they have us on the run. They think our wills are broken, that our numbers are too few to be a threa.
Apep, Unending Night: More importantly, they think the Am Fah and Jade Brotherhood are clear on the other side of the city, still fighting each other! They've sent every available Ministry troop halfway to the Echovald Forest thinking they can heroically wipe out both of us at once while we are too busy fighting each other to notice!
Apep, Unending Night: That means they have left Kaineng Center, and more importantly the Imperial Palace, defenseless, spare a few Imperial Guards. The Ministry cannot hope to make it back before we have a firm hold on Kaineng Center.
Lieutenant Naeem: Aye! And by the time they arrive, we'll have plundered every last flake of gold from the Imperial Treasury, set fire to the palace, and our sails will be but specs[sic] on the horizon!
Reisen the Phoenix: We could do that. We could act like petty thieves, ravage the townsfolk, and loot the coffers of the empire. Or...
Justiciar Jeremy: Or what?
Reisen the Phoenix: Or, we could take the empire for ourselvs.
Hermeck the Blade: What? You're mad! How do you plan on doing that? Sure, we can get into the city, but how do you plan to hold it against the Ministry of Purity forces?
Apep, Unending Night: Simple: Collateral. We will have their emperor, for one. I'm sure if we looked hard enough we could find their precious minister and her brat. Plus the very scared, very fragile citizens of Kaineng Center are at our mercy.
Reisen the Phoenix: If they are the heroes they claim, the great paladans of righteousness and virtue they would have us believe them to be, they would not allow harm to come to so many innocent lives.
Reisen the Phoenix: They will be forced to lower their weapons and negotiate. And, of course, during said negotiations we will naturally betray and murder them without a second thought.
Reisen the Phoenix: Then, with the Imperial Guard and the Ministry of Purity destroyed, Cantha will be ours. An empire for criminals, by criminals! From our harbors, terror and chaos shall set sail to the rest of Tyria, ushering in a new era!
Apep, Unending Night: The world deserves a better class of criminal, and we intend to give it to them. Who's with me!?
The next line depends on which disguise you have; it will be delivered by a member of the same group.
Lieutenant Kao Li: What's your name, sailor, I've never seen you before. Wait, you're not one of my men. It's an imposter!
Lieutenant Naeem: Wait a minute! I don't recognize this deckhand! It's an imposter!
Justiciar Jeremy:
Hermeck the Blade:
<party leader>: What, no, I'm not an imposter. I was really looking forward to all that... robbing old ladies. And uhh... empire of criminals... stuff...
Apep, Unending Night: Well, well, well, if it isn't <party leader>. Fancy meeting you here. Are you acquainted with my guests?
Lieutenant Naeem: This lice-infested sea bass sunk my ship, stole all my doubloons, and left me naked and unconscious in the middle of a swamp!
Justiciar Jeremy: This heathen betrayed my brethren, supported terrorists in our country, murdered our leader, and nearly wiped out our gods!
Graun Stonefury: <party leader> killed our leader, slaughtered hundreds of my kin, disrupted our mining facility, and TRESPASSED ON OUR LAND!
Hermeck the Blade: You! Because of you, I had to follow that psychopath Inquisitor Bauer back and forth across Kryta! I can't unsee the things I saw that man do!
Reisen the Phoenix: Wow, this nuisance sure gets around...
Reisen the Phoenix: Let's show <party leader> just how much we appreaciate their contributions to society. Kill them.
<party leader>: Well, it's been a really nice party, but it looks like it's time for me to hit the old dusty trail...

Reward Dialogue


Raid on Kaineng Center


Speaking to the Guardmsan transports you to an instance of Shadow's Passage. Note your costume (which varies each time you start the mission) and do not speak to the group that has your same style of dress. Speak to at least three NPCs correctly and your quest log updates. Fail, and you have to restart.

Once the quest log updates, walk withe the NPCs to hear the audience. After a long time they discover your presence, but you must still remain until your quest log updates. At the moment when they begin to suspect an imposter you may wish to summon minions, apply speed bonuses (any can work, but 33% makes it hard for them to hurt you at all), set traps, or otherwise prepare. It is important you do not mover beyond the assembled gathering or the quest will fail. Failure always causes the gangs to attack you, so if you fail zone quickly to any outpost and restart from Kaineng Center.

When your quest log updates telling you to run, do so, heading back the way you arrived and towards Dragon's Throat. Once you pass the quest marker the timer will count down and the quest will be successful.