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This article is about a part of Guild Wars that has been removed from the game.

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This quest was among a series of storyline quests that have been available for a short time right before the release of the Factions campaign. Altogether, these quests served to gradually introduce the Canthan continent, its inhabitants and their political turmoils to Tyrian adventurers. They were removed from the game shortly after the release of the new campaign.

  1. Convince Baron Ulrikar to forge a truce with the Luxons.
  2. See Meika Ulrikar for your reward.

Obtained from

Meika Ulrikar in Lion's Arch





"Excuse me, do you have a handkerchief I could borrow? I just can't seem to stop these tears lately. You see, my heart belongs to a Luxon. The enemy! I fear my family will never forgive me as long as this cursed war rages on. My father, Baron Ulrikar, must see the folly of his ways, but he will not listen to me. Please, will you tell him of my love for Dalos and that it is proof our people can live in peace? You must convince him, not only for my sake, but for the good of all Canthans."


Crush the Luxons!


This is a fairly trivial quest that seems to be added to introduce the players to the Kurzick refugee settlement in Nebo Terrace. Just go to the settlement and talk to Baron Ulrikar to complete it.

Tip if planning to do this quest with henchmen, it may be easier to start both this and the Can't We Get Along? (Luxon) quests from Beetletun, where the Henchmen are level 12, whereas the henchmen at Lion's Arch are level 10.

Tip if doing both quests at once, complete this quest first as it can save you time as you can simply head to North Kryta Province to do the Can't We Get Along? (Luxon) quest. There will be less fighting.