Candy weapons are weapons that are available during Wintersday. None of them have any attribute requirements, and their stats easily place them among the best of no-requirement weapons. Candy weapons cannot be inscribed nor upgraded.

Gallery of weapons

Primary weapons



Weapon Stats
Candy Cane Axe Slashing Dmg: 10-10
Candy Cane Bow Piercing Dmg: 15-15 (Longbow)
Candy Cane Hammer Blunt Dmg: 15-15
Candy Cane Staff Cold Dmg: 10-10 (two handed)
Candy Cane Sword Slashing Dmg: 10-10
Candy Cane Wand Cold Dmg: 10-10
Peppermint Daggers Piercing Dmg: 5-5
Peppermint Scythe Slashing Dmg: 10-10
Peppermint Spear Slashing Dmg: 10-10

Secondary weapons



Weapon Stats
Gingerbread Focus Energy +5
Gingerbread Shield Armor: 8
Peppermint Shield Armor: 8

Wintergreen weapons

Wintergreen weapons were promotional candy weapons that were given away as part of the Winterfest 2006 Tournament, see the main article for details.

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