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Candysmiths are collector NPCs who provide candy weapons in exchange for Candy Cane Shards. They appear only during the Wintersday festivals.

Weapon Candysmiths[edit | edit source]

Candysmith Noel : Ascalon City (Post-Searing) near Symon the Scribe
Candysmith Kris : Lion's Arch, at the end of the Merchant's Row
Candysmith Sweetshanks : Droknar's Forge
Candysmith Kringle : Dwayna Vs Grenth outpost, next to the campfire
Candysmith Coldstone : Kamadan, Jewel of Istan

Candysmith[edit | edit source]

Collecting: 9 Candy Cane Shards

Candy Cane Axe
10-10 Slashing damage
Candy Cane Axe.jpg

Candy Cane Bow
15-15 Piercing damage
Candy Cane Bow.jpg

Candy Cane Hammer
15-15 Blunt damage
Candy Cane Hammer.jpg

Candy Cane Wand
10-10 Cold damage
Candy Cane Wand.jpg

Candy Cane Staff
10-10 Cold damage
Candy Cane Staff.jpg

Candy Cane Sword
10-10 Slashing damage
Candy Cane Sword.jpg

Peppermint Daggers
5-5 Piercing damage
Peppermint Daggers.jpg

Peppermint Scythe
10-10 Slashing damage
Peppermint Scythe.jpg

Peppermint Spear
10-10 Piercing damage
Peppermint Spear.jpg

Offhand Candysmith[edit | edit source]

Candysmith Marley[edit | edit source]

Location: Dwayna Vs Grenth arena outpost.
Collecting: 12 Candy Cane Shards

Item Stats
Gingerbread Focus Energy +5
Gingerbread Shield Armor: 8
Peppermint Shield Armor: 8

Historical notes on Wintersday 2005[edit | edit source]

Peppermint Daggers, Scythe and Spear were not available 2005 for lack of a profession to wield them. The price for Candy Cane Weapons was 4 Candy Cane Shards then, for shields and the focus it was 8 Shards.

The following collector appeared in 2005, but not in subsequent years:

Candysmith Steelmint[edit | edit source]

Location: Tomb of the Primeval Kings (only during Wintersday 2005).
Collecting: 4 Candy Cane Shards

Item Stats
Candy Cane Axe Slashing damage: 10-10
Candy Cane Bow Piercing damage: 15-15
Candy Cane Hammer Blunt damage: 15-15
Candy Cane Wand Cold damage: 10-10
Candy Cane Staff Cold damage: 10-10
Candy Cane Sword Slashing damage: 10-10