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The Canthan Calendar (CC) is the official calendar in Cantha. The calendar counts years following the year that the clans were unified into a single empire. Years prior to unification are not numberred individually, but are simply grouped as early, middle, or late pre-imperial eras.

For an overview of key dates from the Canthan Calendar, see History of Tyria.

To convert Canthan years to Mouvelian years, subtract 510.

The calendar does not affect gameplay in any way, it is simply used as a backstory.

Canthan Months vs Mouvelian Seasons[]

The Mouvelian Calendar divides the 360 days into 4 seasons (same for Dynastic Reckoning), where the Canthan Calendar divides the year into 12 months.

Days Canthan Months Mouvelian Seasons/Dynastic Reckoning Seasons
1~30 Changhai Season of the Zephyr
31~60 Zhoyo
61~90 Nongkam
91~120 Zalfawn Season of the Phoenix
121~150 Saita
151~180 Mikan
181~210 Nemnai Season of the Scion
211~240 Beibacah
241~270 Suzhen
271~300 Yundinfang Season of the Colossus
301~330 Songtahn
331~360 Kainengtah

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