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New year in Shing Jea Monastery

Canthan New Year is the first day of the Canthan Calendar, when the people of Cantha prepare and partake in a great feast to honor the particular celestial animal who will watch over them during the coming year. According to tradition, if the celestial animal is satisfied with the meal, it will bestow good luck upon the populace for the coming year.

During the Canthan New Year, many activities take place in and around Shing Jea Monastery.


Redecorated towns[]

Event-specific locations[]


(You must be Level 5 or higher to participate in the quests)

Sunqua Vale

Shing Jea Monastery:

Plains of Jarin:



For a listing, see: Category:Canthan New Year NPCs.


Lunar Fortune Giver[]

Location: Shing Jea Monastery
Collecting: 3 Lunar Tokens
Item: Lunar Fortune

Lunar Gift Keeper[]

Location: Shing Jea Monastery, Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Collecting: 5 Lunar Tokens
Item: Red Gift Bag


Rollerbeetle Racing[]

Accessed by talking to the Rollerbeetle Trainer in Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Cost: Free


  • First place: 7 Lunar Tokens, 7 Gamer Points, and 50 Balthazar Faction. First place also receives +50 Balthazar Faction for a "Flawless Victory" and 50 Balthazar Faction for every 5 consecutive wins.
  • Second place: 5 Lunar Tokens and 5 Gamer Points.
  • Third place: 3 Lunar Tokens and 3 Gamer Points.
  • Fourth place: 2 Lunar Tokens and 2 Gamer Points.
  • Everyone else: 1 Lunar Token and 1 Gamer Point if they reach the end of the track within 30 seconds of 1st Place.

At the end of the Canthan New Year event, the players with the top 100 scores receive a miniature Greased Lightning.

Rock, Paper, Scissors[]

Only available in Lion's Arch from Lucky Hochei. A simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Cost: 1 Lunar Token



  • Sugary Blue Drink: Just the thing when you need a quick boost of energy in town.
  • Champagne Poppers: The classic party favor used to ring in the New Year in style.
  • Bottle Rockets: A single-shot firework. Please point away from body.
  • Sparklers: Shoots sparks around your body. Be careful not to stand near flammable objects.
  • Red Gift Bag: Surprises come wrapped in red during the New Year's festival. Open for a festival gift or, possibly, a small fortune.
  • Lunar Fortune: Will you have good luck or bad luck this year? Only your lunar fortune can tell you.
  • Lunar Token: Collect these tokens throughout the festival and trade them in for prizes or to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Red Bean Cake: Sugar Rush
  • Lion Mask: Every year it is automatically added to characters' inventories that are in Shing Jea Monastery at the end of the finales.

The Celestial Feast[]

Everyones a piggeh.jpg
Everyones a rat.jpg

The Celestial Feast is the finale of Canthan New Year, heralding the Celestial Animal's arrival in Shing Jea Monastery. 8 minutes before the animal arrives, the imperial chefs begin preparing their dishes for the feast, calling out for players to provide the specific ingredients they require. When all 5 dishes are ready, or when the timer expires, the Celestial Animal will appear and partake of the dishes that have been prepared.

All players in a district are given rewards depending on how many dishes were completed in that district. If no dishes are completed, the Celestial Animal will express its displeasure by transforming everyone in the district into the current year's animal.

Red Gift Bag.png
Red Gift Bags
Celestial Summoning Stone.png
Summoning Stones
Crate of Fireworks.png
Crates of Fireworks2
Lion Mask.png
Lion Mask
0 2 0 0 1
1 4 1
2 6 2
3 8 3
4 12 4
5 16 5 5
  1. Added in 2010.
  2. Added in 2008.
Historical note.png Historical note: For the first event in 2007, a Miniature Pig was awarded to players in districts that completed all 5 dishes. In 2008, Chuntao collected 5 Miniature Pigs in exchange for a Miniature Celestial Pig.


To create dishes to please the great celestial, the Imperial Chefs will be looking for these ingredients:

  1. Imperial Chef Yan (Appetizer)
  2. Imperial Chef Reun (Salad)
  3. Imperial Chef Jiong (Soup)
  4. Imperial Chef Chen (Main Course)
  5. Imperial Chef Tian (Dessert)

NOTE: You will receive 1 Lunar Token for each ingredient that you give to a chef when they ask for it. You can give the same ingredient for additional Lunar Tokens repeatedly until the chef asks for the next ingredient. Once a chef moves on to the next ingredient you can no longer give the previous ingredient. Likewise you can not give an ingredient that has not yet been requested. To complete all 5 dishes, all ingredients above must be provided. However, it is not necessary that all ingredients come from one person; different ingredients can be provided by different people.


Schedule of (2011)

Friday, February 3rd, Noon PST (20:00 GMT): Start of the event & Festival NPC's arrive.

Sunday, February 6th, 12:01 AM PST (08:01 GMT): first appearance of the Celestial Rabbit

Monday, February 7th, 12:01 AM PST (08:01 GMT): last appearance of the Celestial Rabbit

Monday, February 7th, Noon PST (20:00 GMT): Announced end of the festival.


  • Canthan New Year is heavily inspired by the Chinese New Year. The Canthan New Year event is held on the weekend closest to the date of Chinese New Year, and the Celestial Animals match the animals of the Chinese zodiac.

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