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Canthan Peasant
Canthan Peasant.jpgCanthanPeasantF.jpgZin Lao.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10

Canthan Peasants are the loyal subjects of their Emperor. Most peasants love their emperor and believe he does all he can to help them, unlike the various ministries which seem to be nothing more than bumbling fools.


Skills Used[]


On Shing Jea Island:

"They say Qi Falls have become haunted by some sort of spirit."

In Kaineng City, all peasants share the same set of random dialogue used when interacted with:

"Cantha will make it through any difficulty so long as the emperor is alive."
"Fruit can be hard to come by these days now that the plague has slowed trade coming from Kryta."
"The docks are so empty these days. People are afraid to come to Cantha."
"The emperor cares greatly for all of us who have suffered because of the plague."
"The guards try to keep order but there are fewer of them each day."
"The local guilds are taking over the streets. Most have bought off the Ministry and do as they please."
"The Ministry of fire [sic] never seems incapable of understanding the plight of the common people."
"The Luxon [sic] and Kurzicks have been quarrelling for so long, I think they've probably forgotten why they started fighting to begin with."
"The Obisidian Flame [sic] help keep the rogue guilds in check."
"Those Am Fah thugs are frightening!"


  • Peasants will attack any hostile creatures that come within range. They aren't very resilient but may help turn the tide by taking a share of the damage.
  • The spirit mentioned in the dialogue on Shing Jea Island most likely refers to Ang the Ephemeral.
  • Some hostile Peasants can be found in the northeast corner of The Undercity grouped with the Am Fah around Chan the Dragon's Blood.
  • The Peasant in the middle is either a wife or a mother involved in quests.