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Captain Miken
Captain Miken.jpg
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 7


Captain Miken briefs you on the Ruins of Surmia mission.



"Always the stories of Ascalon are bittersweet. We find victory only when we've already lost everything that matters. What can I help you with, friend?"

Have you seen Prince Rurik?

"Prince Rurik has already headed out past the Wall. I fear for this safety."

Why so somber? We are victorious.

"True the Wall has been retaken and the Charr pushed back beyond our borders. But the Charr took hostages while they retreated. Many fine soldiers are now at the mercy of those beasts, and Prince Rurik is enraged."

They took hostages? What will they do with them?

"From what I hear, there are only two fates for those taken by the Charr. They are either enslaved and worked until they fall down dead, or they are roasted alive and eaten. Either way, it doesn't sound like much fun to me.
The prince says he'll never rest until our countrymen have been brought back safely. Right now he's gathering recruits brave enough to head out into Charr territory with him. He intends to rescue those that have been taken. But I fear this is a mistake. We don't need any further loses. [sic] If Prince Rurik were to fail, that would be the final straw that breaks the back of Ascalon."

You are not alone in your concern.

"What you say is true. King Adelbern has publicly criticized Prince Rurik for his hotheaded, brash behavior. He not only endangers his own life, he risks the future of Ascalon.
Perhaps you can safeguard his life and return him safely to Rin without Ascalon suffering another tragedy."

What must I do?

"Head out past the wall and rendezvous with Prince Rurik. He'll need your help if he is going to be successful."

I'm on my way.

"Look after the good prince. He is very brave, but sometimes too much so."

→ Characters from other campaigns may see this dialogue:

"It was here that Prince Rurik rallied a force to push out beyond the wall in pursuit of the retreating Charr forces. The Charr armies push into Ascalon has been devastating and had resulted in countless Ascalons being taken prisoner, either to be roasted alive or put to work as slaves. The Prince, refuting the commands of his father King Adelbern, refused to leave those prisoners in the lands of the Charr and gathered troops to go beyond the borders of the wall to rescue them. If you choose to enter this mission, you will see how Prince Rurik's mission to rescue the prisoners unfolded."