1. Speak with Farmer Xeng Jo
  2. Kneel and plant seeds in each of the farmer's fields
  3. See Villager Hijai for Reward

Obtained from

Villager Hijai in Tsumei Village


Enter Panjiang Peninsula and listen to Farmer Xeng Jo and the Crimson Skull Bandit argue over the donation.
Complete Minister Cho's Estate mission.
Have not completed Zen Daijun mission.



"You are a hard person to find, <name>. Farmer Xeng Jo has been looking high and low for you since the first time you met in Sunqua Vale. Last I saw him, he was in Panjiang Peninsula. I would check there first."
Accept: The farmer sent you to find me? Sounds important. I'll find him right away.
Reject: Farm work, eh? Did I mention that I have allergies? To manual labor, that is.

Intermediate Dialogue 1

"There you are, <name>. Planting season is upon us, but the farmers are already shorthanded. I need you to sow seeds to ensure that the island will bear enough food at harvest time. Here, take these seeds into the fields and kneel down to gently plant them just under the soil's surface. You know how to kneel, don't you?"

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you for your help, <name>. Because of your efforts, I expect a full harvest when the time is ripe."

Alternate Reward Dialogue

"Oh, no. The rumor is true! The loss of farmer Xeng Jo will be detrimental, but his memory and spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of the citizens of Shing Jea Island."


  1. Speak to Farmer Xeng Jo in Panjiang Peninsula
  2. Go out into each field and perform the Kneel emote (/kneel)
  3. Return to Tsumei Village and talk to Villager Hijai again.


  • If you accept the quest and then finish the Zen Daijun (mission), you can still come to Hijai and she will say how sorry she is about Farmer Xeng Jo's death and still gives you the same reward as you would have received had you finished the quest.
  • You must be in about half an aggro circle of the star quest marker to get 'credit' for kneeling.
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