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  1. Find the Hamou Ukaiou and destroy it.
  2. See Lendu the Fisherman for your reward.

Obtained from

Lendu the Fisherman in Zehlon Reach


Nightfall Character


Preliminary Dialogue

Lendu the Fisherman: "Oh, thank goodness. Sunspears! Help me! Please!"


"[Difficulty: Master] Yes. Yes it must be destroyed. The Hamou Ukaiou is a bane to all who sail the seas. But it cannot be destroyed on the open water. It's too strong out at sea. Right now may be our only chance to destroy the Hamou Ukaiou; before it descends into the deep once again. It is still at the shore, eating what is left of those who were once my closest friends! But I can't go back there. I can't bear to see that sight! I beg of you, go destroy this creature and make the sea safe for us all."
Accept: "Dry your tears, friend. I will destroy this beast."
Reject: "I think I'll wait for the Hamou Ukaiou to take its "after lunch" nap."

Reward Dialogue

"The Hamou Ukaiou has been slain? I cannot believe it! How can I begin to thank you enough? Perhaps now the souls of my friends can rest in peace. But now, I need some time alone. So much has happened this day, and I must attend to the burial of my closest friends. Thank you again for slaying that beast. Perhaps we will talk again after I've had some time to mourn."


Head north-west of Lendu into the mouth of the river. There you will find a group of corsairs. Simply lure and eliminate them and then you can easily kill the Hamou Ukaiou. It is level 17, but not extremely difficult to defeat when it is alone. Once killed, return to Lendu for your reward.


  • The location where the Hamou Ukaiou spawns can occasionally have other random bosses spawn there. Especially beware of Ensign Lumi, because he uses similar skills as the Hamou Ukaiou, brings along a pack of level 10 corsairs, and is himself level 19.
  • After completing this quest, the next time you enter Zehlon Reach, you will find Lendu over near the village (north of Jokanur Diggings) standing beside the two gravestones of his friends killed by the Hamou Ukaiou.