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Welcome to part of the community review process within Guild Wiki. This page has been created to provide an index of pages currently being voted on by the community.

As part of the community, you are invited to review the issues below and to vote on the topics shown below. This allows for the community to choose which of multiple ideas for design changes or page changes will be selected; or even to determine if any change should be made at all on the item having a vote requested.

Please copy old votes to the page GuildWiki:Old_votes before removing the category.

Please note that votes are not binding policy, and the use of votes is being contested at Category talk:Votes.

Voting Tips[]

  • To place an article in this category, place the text [[Category:Votes]] at the bottom of the article's Talk page. Do not place this tag in the article itself.
  • To vote on any issue, go to the relevant talk page and voice your vote. Often there will be different ideas suggested and users can just add their name or sign (using ~~~~) next to the idea they like most.
  • It is better if you create an account so that your votes are under your name rather than an IP address which maybe confused with others'.
  • When starting a vote, set an amount of time that the vote will be open and what type of vote it will be. Also, check the archives to see if there has been another vote on a related issue, and make a list of people who have voted on related issues in the past. Chances are they would be interested this time, but they might not have noticed there is a vote going on.


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