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Celestial Horror
Celestial Horror.jpg
Species: Minion
Profession: -icon.png
Level(s): 25


Celestial Horrors are giant durable minions that are summoned by necromancers using the celestial skill Star Servant. Celestial Horrors use melee attacks which cause all party members to gain 25 Health and 3 Energy every time they hit. They attack roughly once per 3.17 seconds and suffer from usual minion decomposition rate, starting at 1 pip of health degen, going higher than 10 but no more than 10 pips of degen will affect them. The Celestial Horrors look exactly like Flesh Golems, though they are a bit paler than the former.


  • They do have a bond to you and count towards your minion total. This means that you can heal them like any other minion with Blood of the Master and other minion-healing skills. However, they do seem to be more reluctant with following their master, and tend to stay further behind than normal minions if you travel. Summoning one Celestial Horror when you have maxed out your minion total will kill another minion. This is particularly important if you're using a Curses build against Shiro Tagachi with no or few ranks in Death Magic, because you will be able to control only two or three minions. Like Flesh Golems, you can only control one at a time.
  • They steal the health and energy from their target.

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