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Champion is a title awarded for an in-game achievement that you can display for prestige.

Gaining ranks in this title increases the maximum cap of unspent Balthazar Faction by 5,000 faction points per rank.

Champion title track[]

These titles are granted to an account that has won a number of high-rated GvG battles.

Rank Title High-rated GvG battles won
1 Champion 25
2 Fierce Champion 50
3 Mighty Champion 100
4 Deadly Champion 168
5 Terrifying Champion 280
6 Conquering Champion 466
7 Subjugating Champion 775
8 Vanquishing Champion 1,296
9 King's Champion 2,160
10 Emperor's Champion 3,600
11 Balthazar's Champion 6,000
12 Legendary Champion 10,000
Notes: Both guilds involved must have a rating of 1,200 or more for the battle to be considered high-rated.


  • When referring to ranks in this title track, one frequently says "c" followed by the number of their rank. "c2" is a "Fierce Champion". This abbreviation is almost exclusively a written abbreviation and it is referred to verbally as "champ."

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