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The current Eye of the North CSS
Old Nightfall CSS
Old Factions CSS
Old Prophecies CSS

The Character Selection Screen is where you can manage your account options, create and delete characters, or select an existing character to play with after you login to your account from the Login screen. You can also change graphic settings and game options at this screen, and use the dropdown menu in the upper left to sort your characters. The sort options in the dropdown are as follows:

  • None
    Your chacters will appear in the position they were created (e.g. a character created in slot 3 will stay in slot 3).
  • Alphabetize
    Your chacters will be arranged in alphabetical order.
  • Pvp/RP
    Your chacters will be sorted by whether they are PvP or RP characters. PvP characters will appear on the left, followed by the RP characters.

You can also access the Guild Wars In-Game Store by clicking the "Enter Store" button in the top right corner of the screen.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The background of the Character Selection Screen changes with each new Campaign release.