Species: Asura
Level(s): 20


Chark is an Asura NPC who takes characters to The Trial of Zinn (one of the requirements for beginning the War in Kryta quest sequence).



"I am looking for witnesses in an upcoming trial. Were you involved in the R.O.X., P.O.X., or N.O.X, incidents?"
"Yes, and I have M.O.X. to prove it"
"In that case, by the authority of the arcane council, I officially request your presence at the trial of Zinn. And when I say "request," I mean "command." It is the arcane council after all.
"I don't know anything about those"
"Well, today is your lucky day then. You'll have the opportunity to learn all about it. Fascinating stuff... intrigue, drama, wanton destruction. You'll really enjoy hearing the story. If anyone asks, just say you're a "witness." After all, you are there to witness the trial, so technically, it's true."
"No, I've heard about them though"
"Excellent, excellent. This is an ideal opportunity for you to learn more and to share what you've already heard. Rumours and hearsay are the foundation of any good court case!"


  • "Interested in opportunities in the legal field?"


  • Chark will only appear for characters who have completed either Zinn's Task or the Eye of the North storyline.
  • After viewing Zinn's trial on a character, Chark will not appear again for that character.
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