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Disambiguous.png This article is about the current version of the quest starting in 2010. For the original version, see Charr-broiled Plans (original).



  1. Speak with Brartak the Glutton in Ice Cliff Chasms outside the Eye of the North.
  2. Clear out all the Charr advancing on the Eye of the North. Number of Charr groups remaining: 9...0
  3. Speak with Lieutenant Thackeray in the Eye of the North.

Obtained from

Casey Carpenter in Eye of the North (during Wintersday)


The Three Wise Norn



"Either I've been standing out here too long or Micah accidentally cast Winter's Embrace on me again. I appreciate that he's so gung-ho, but Mesmers should really leave the water magic to the pros. Either way, I probably need another cup of moa noodle soup to fend off the sneezes."
"Speaking of fending things off, the scouts are saying there's evidence of Charr activity outside the Eye. If it's true, I don't think the furry gate-crashers have come to sing Wintersday carols. Would you speak to our Norn visitors, and see if they're willing to investigate? I'm sure they'd be up to kicking the tail of any Charr you may come across."
Accept: "That's the Norn alright: big, violent, snow detectives."
Reject: "Hey, I brought the Norn to this party... Why don't you do something?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Brartak the Glutton)

"The Charr are approaching. If there's anything I like more than eating, it's eating before a good fight."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Charr Bladestorm: "Watch out for the abnormally large Norn's blade!"
Galbraum the Intoxicated: "Ha! Brartak! Even the cats think you eat too much!"
Brartak the Glutton: "So long as they fear me in battle, Galbraum, who cares?"

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Galbraum the Intoxicated: "You'll owe me another flagon of your "eggnog" for this, human!"
Brartak the Glutton: "Every furball that falls beneath my blade brings me closer to a mound of roasted chestnuts!"

Intermediate Dialogue 4

Charr Avenger: "We've come to help you celebrate the season of death... yours!"
Helga the Cub: "It's a shame you Charr will never see the purrfection of my craft."

Reward Dialogue

"Oorah! You and the Norn have certainly earned your share of nog this time. For bringing them to our aid, accept this token of thanks."


Snowball Dominance


Three groups of Charr are in formation outside the Eye. They are initially friendly, then turn hostile. Area of effect spells and elemental wards are helpful. Nine groups of Charr must be defeated. Try to stay off the ice, as if you remain stationary on it for a moment, you will move slower for a short time. The Charr are also affected by this, so use it to your advantage.