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Charr Battle Plan Decoder
Charr Battle Plan Decoder.png
Item details
Item type: Quest Item
Quest: see text description
Campaign: Eye of the North

The Charr Battle Plan Decoder is an item can be used to decipher Encrypted Charr Battle Plans.


Double-click to decipher secret messages.



Double-click on the Decoder to open it. Drag and drop an Encrypted Charr Battle Plans from your inventory (not your storage) onto the decoder's page. A list of 3 decoding algorithms will be shown for you to choose from. After picking an algorithm, the plans will roll into the decoder, the decoder will spin and whir, and the decrypted message will be displayed. If you picked the wrong algorithm, the result will be gibberish, and you can click on "Remove page" to place the plans back in your inventory. The decoder will then reset and you can try again.

If the plans were successfully decoded, leave them in the decoder (and the decoder in your inventory) and speak with Captain Langmer. Select the option, "I've decrypted some Charr battle plans," and you can initiate the associated Special Ops quest for that battle plan.


  • Each decoder is customized to the character who receives it.
  • You can obtain additional decoders from Captain Langmar as long as you do not already have one in your inventory. You can drop them on the ground or place them in your storage.
  • Each decoder can store 1 battle plan. If you do not click the "Remove page" button, the plan will remain in the decoder when you close the window and will be there when reopened. The decoder's description does not update to reflect this.

The Decoder

Decoding Options

Failed Decoding

Successful Decoding


  • The decoder's appearance resembles a cryptex.