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Location of Charr force


  1. Destroy the Charr expeditionary force in Norrhart Domains.
  2. See Artificer Mullenix for your reward.

Obtained from

Artificer Mullenix in Eye of the North (outpost)


Although you can pick up the quest, there will be a gate in the way of the portal to Norrhart Domains unless you have unlocked Gwen as a hero (see here to learn how)


Common to all professions Winds


"We've got a problem, <name>, and this one is a big one! Our scouts have sighted a Charr expeditionary force coming this way through the northern passes. Unless we get lucky, we'll be up to our knees in fur within days. With our main forces scattered throughout the Charr homelands, we have no hope of defeating this force ourselves. Will you and your friends find those Charr and defeat them? They were last seen marching south through the Norrhart Domains near Gunnar's Hold."
Accept: "Killing Charr is what I live for."
Reject: "But they have sharp fangs, and molars and... stuff!"

Intermediate Dialogue

Charr Wardkeeper: "Humans! Hierophant Burntsoul was right! Those foul creatures are operating out of the Norn lands!"
Charr Wardkeeper: "Tear them limbs from their bodies. Impale their skulls on our pikes. Leave no human alive!"

Reward Dialogue

"You survived! I feared those Charr would show up with your skulls impaled on top of their pikes. If they had found our base here at the Eye of the North... well, the consequences are too dire to imagine. We owe you a great debt, friend."


Service: Practice, Dummy


The quest is fairly simple with heroes. A minion master is highly recommended, or any AoE attacks as there are about 50-100 Charr in the area. They are in four groups, the first group that you come up to is the largest but is mainly level 8 Charr with 1 or 2 level 20 elementalists. The next two groups are an even mix of level 8 and level 20 Charr. The last group contains all level 20 Charr. Using Spiteful Spirit, Searing Flames, or any similar AoE spells is very effective for this quest. Overall it takes about 5 minutes to complete after entering the area.


  • Gunnar's Hold is a town just off to the east before you approach the Charr, you may consider adding this location to your map before attempting to kill them.
  • The low-level charr do not give any Norn points with the blessing. You only get points for the Charr which are level 15 or above. This makes the quest pretty useless for fast Norn point farming.
  • In hard mode, all Charr are at least level 20, making this quest much more difficult. Carefully pulling smaller groups makes this quest more managable.