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Places in Arborstone

Places in Ferndale

Places in Melandru's Hope

Places in Drazach Thicket


  1. Explore Arborstone for Sekai the Mapmaker. You have 5 places left to visit.
  2. Explore Ferndale. You have 5 places left to visit.
  3. Explore Melandru's Hope. You have 5 places left to visit.
  4. Explore Drazach Thicket. You have 5 places left to visit.
  5. See Sekai the Mapmaker for your reward.

Obtained From

Sekai the Mapmaker in Maatu Keep


Arborstone (mission)



"Word has it you have explored the forests and met with the Kurzicks there. I have a proposition for you. Since the Jade Wind changed the landscape, no one has gone through and drafted new maps. One could make a fortune selling updated charts to willing adventurers! If you consider yourself up to the challenge, go scout Echovald Forest and give me the information I need for my maps. I shall make it worth your while.
What do you say?"
Accept: "I could use a tour of the area. I'll do it."
Reject: "Not interested."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you very much. This information will make for a wonderful map."


This is an extremely long and tedious quest and should not be done on its own (see below). For each area, you must visit all five sites without leaving the zone (not necessarily in the order as they come up on your map though). Warning: If you leave a zone all sites you have visited in that zone are reset and your efforts wasted e.g. if you visit 3 sites in Ferndale, then leave Ferndale, when you re-enter your log will show all 5 again, not just the remaining 2. However, if you visit all 5 sites in Ferndale that part of the quest is permanently stored as completed.

This quest will be enjoyable if you like to explore and useful if you want to go for the "Canthan Cartographer" title. It takes you to visually interesting places where you see some beautiful artwork that you might not otherwise discover. The small Kurzick Faction and other rewards are not themselves worth the effort, being achievable elsewhere much more quickly.


  • To complete the Arborstone portion of this quest, start from Altrumm Ruins and enter the Arborstone explorable area.
  • When exploring the 5 points in Arborstone, watch out for Warden traps that cripple you and make you bleed, leaving you an easy target.
  • Since this is such a long quest to complete, sometimes it saves a lot of work to do it at the same time as companion quests. (These are quests which take you through roughly the same areas):