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Mount Qinkai Waypoints

Boreas Seabed Waypoints

Archipelagos Waypoints

Maishang Hills Waypoints


  1. Explore Mount Qinkai. You have 5 places left to visit.
  2. Explore Boreas Seabed. You have 5 places left to visit.
  3. Explore Archipelagos. You have 5 places left to visit.
  4. Explore Maishang Hills. You have 5 places left to visit.
  5. See Sekai the Mapmaker for your reward.

Obtained From

Sekai the Mapmaker in Maatu Keep


Arborstone (mission)



"Your reputation with the Luxons is well known. Perhaps we can put that relationship to profitable use? Since the Jade Wind struck, no one has managed to craft new maps of the Jade Sea. There is money to be made, but I no longer have the energy to venture out on my own. Go scout the Jade Sea and report your findings. I shall reward you with just compensation."
Accept: "Count me in."
Reject: "Do your own research."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you very much. This map will truly be a work of art."


This is an extremely long quest. You may visit the sites in any order but the map pointer only points to the closest site. If you leave the area, all sites you have visited in that area are reset, e.g. if you visit 3 sites in Archipelagos, then leave Archipelagos, you must return to visit all 5 again. However, if you visit all 5 sites in Archipelagos, you won't have to visit them again if you leave the area (obviously, or the quest would be impossible).

Since you will be wandering all over four areas, you should gather all the quests you can for an area before starting this quest in that area, as you will undoubtedly find many overlaps. When scouting Mount Qinkai, however, it's a good idea to activate the quest Scout the Coast after finishing Charting the Jade Sea for that area, as doing so will make both quests much easier.