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Skill details
Claim Resource
Claim Resource.jpg
Campaign Core Monster
Profession Monster
Attribute Unlinked
Type Skill
    5 Energy.png 5 Activation.png    

Full: (monster only)

Concise: (monster only)


Claim Resource is a monster skill used by NPCs in missions to unlock doors and draw bridges or otherwise to make a resource available to a party. Currently, the following NPCs use this skill:


  • The icon shown is only used for the version in the Hall of Heroes. All other versions use the generic monster skill icon.
  • The Ghostly Hero's Claim Resource costs no energy.
  • Skills such as Diversion, Distracting Shot and Blackout (though Distracting Shot acts as an interrupt) will have no effect on the recharge time of the skill as it recharges instantly no matter what.
  • This skill uses the same skill animation as Fast Casting and non-attribute Mesmer spells.