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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Cleansing Haiju Lagoon (Hard mode).



  1. Travel to Haiju Lagoon with Initiate Tsuriai.
  2. Protect Initiate Tsuriai while she cleanses the lagoon.
  3. See Initiate Tsuriai for your reward.

Obtained from

Initiate Tsuriai in Seitung Harbor


Rescue at Minister Cho's Estate



Are you the new blood? Well, I suppose you'll do. Just stay out of my way, and don't get yourself killed. Especially don't get yourself turned. I have no love for the Afflicted, and the last thing I want is more of them crawling around. We're out here to clean up Shing Jea Island, not make it worse.
We're starting with Haiju Lagoon. As you may know, the waters of the lagoon possess an innate healing quality. That is, the did. The presence of the Afflicted over the years has gradually corrupted the water. It's our job to cleans the taint that they left behind. I can perform the necessary ritual, but I will need protection. If we can take care of this, the Ministry will have a better foothold to remove the rest of the infected ones. Can I count on you?
Accept: Let's take care of this.
Reject: I don't like your attitude.
When asked about quest: Maybe I should have spoken more clearly when I said Haiju Lagoon. Got it?

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (when you meet Tsuriai)

Initiate Tsuriai: Let's head to the lagoon. It's to the north of here. And let's not waste time, got it?

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (as you approach the lagoon)

Initiate Tsuriai: I'll handle the ritual to cleanse these waters. I need to be within the lagoon for it to work. Unfortunately, it's certain to draw out the Afflicted, so be prepared. If you let them interrupt me, so help you! Even if you survive them, you'll have to face me afterward.

Intermediate Dialogue 3 (while she performs the ritual)

Initiate Tsuriai: Kaijun Don, hear my plea. These words I give, an offering to appease.
Initiate Tsuriai: Let cease the seething, a vengeance left there bleeding.
Initiate Tsuriai: To slide form shadow and release from sorrow, to hear the call of a brighter morrow.
Initiate Tsuriai: A day met as star again, rippled reflections looking clearly back to the heavens.

Intermediate Dialogue 4 (when the ritual is complete)

Initiate Tsuriai: That did it. These waters are pure once more. Others of the Ministry will handle the rest. Let's get going. These robes need to be changed.

Reward Dialogue

Not bad...for a rookie. Forgive my pessimism, but the Ministry of Purity seems to be attracting a lot of dewy-eyed recruits these days. They have more passion than common sense, and that's often a liability. Don't misunderstand me; it's a good thing that more people are drawn to our cause. They just need to be honed so that they can apply their enthusiasm to greater effect.


Cleansing Zen Daijun
Cleansing Haiju Lagoon (Hard mode)


Exit from Zen Daijun, head over to the quest marker to pick up Initiate Tsuriai, then head north to the lagoon. Once at the lagoon, Tsuriai will begin the ritual. You must defend Tsuriai from the Afflicted, which will approach from all directions except north. You do not have to kill all the Afflicted - Tsuriai must simply survive. Once Tsuriai completes the ritual, all Afflicted will die; however, any hostile minions summoned by Afflicted Necromancers will remain.

This quest can be completed without any fighting. Equip a sacrificial skill that does not require targetting a foe, and a running skill to speed up the run (Burning Speed is an excellent choice as it fills both requirements). When you bring Tsuriai to the lagoon, run up to the lagoon's center island and use the sacrifice skill. This will cause Tsuriai to run up the island to heal you, away from her initial spot. Keep moving north, repeating this to lead Tsuriai away from the initial marker - the further away you lead her, the safer she is, since the Afflicted may wander up the island. Tsuriai will eventually complete the ritual, despite not physically being in the lagoon.

If Tsuriai cannot be made to follow, you can also use a heavy-duty protector build with skills such as Life Barrier and Life Bond instead. This should make it possible for you to keep her alive without engaging much in the fight, as long as you stay clear of the mobs themselves.