Cleansing Shadow's Passage

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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Cleansing Shadow's Passage (Hard mode).

Overview[edit | edit source]

Map of the quest (click to enlarge).


  1. Defeat the Afflicted in Shadow's Passage
  2. See Initiate Zei Ri for your reward.

Obtained from

Initiate Zei Ri in Kaineng Center


Cleansing Bukdek Byway



It is good to see you again. I have received word of further sightings of the Afflicted, this time in Shadow's Passage. We know that, at long last, we are gaining some ground in this fight. The Afflicted have not been seen in Bukdek Byway since their last defeat. Perhaps we are finally nearing the end of their numbers. With every battle we win, we assure the safety of one more section of the city.
Knowing that, will you lend me your strength once more?
Accept: "Of course. For the safety of Kaineng!"
Reject: "I think I've done enough already."
When asked about quest: "..."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

It's hard to believe `that the Ministry of Purity has been fighting the Afflicted for nearly two years now. It's amazing how time envelops you when you are devoted to your goals.

Intermediate Dialogue 2

And another battle is won. I wish you could have seen the battles that came before.`Watching people find their own strength and fight for a cause is a powerful thing.
With our own hands, we are building a better world for ourselves and for those who will live after we are gone. It makes me proud to say that I am part of it all.

Reward Dialogue

"Another section of the city is clear, and I have no doubt that this time it's for good. Can you feel it, friend? The stirrings in the air that speak of great works and great things to come? These are exciting times that we are living in."


Cleansing Shenzun Tunnels
Cleansing Shadow's Passage (Hard mode)

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Players must defeat 3 groups of afflicted. The most direct route to the mobs is to leave from Dragon's Throat. The last group of afflicted will be fighting some Jade Brotherhood, and as you approach watch for additional Jade Brotherhood pop-ups.