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Hard mode red.png This quest has an associated Hard mode quest, see Cleansing Shenzun Tunnels (Hard mode).


Questmap, starting from Maatu Keep (click to enlarge).


  1. Defeat the Afflicted in the Shenzun Tunnels.
  2. See Initiate Zei Ri for your reward.

Obtained from

Initiate Zei Ri in Kaineng Center


Cleansing Shadow's Passage



Welcome back, my friend. If you have the strength to lend, I could use your assistance once again. Although I confess, when you hear the task at hand, you might be reluctant to join me. Ministry scouts report concentrated numbers of Afflicted within the Shenzun Tunnels. This is going to be a massive battle, and just you and I will not be enough to handle it. We're going to need more support from the Ministry. They will send as much aid as they can spare, but most of their soldiers are currently engaged at Bejunkan Pier. The Afflicted came in overwhelming numbers and are cutting off incoming trade. We'll have to make do with whatever support we receive. However, if we are able to deal with the Afflicted here, we'll have dealt a serious blow to their numbers. I understand that traipsing around Canthan sewers is not the most appealing of tasks, but what do you say?
Challenges like this were meant to be overcome. And I'm sure the Ministry of Purity will pay enough that you could visit a bathhouse, afterward.
Accept: "Let's get this done. Procrastinating won't make it any more palatable."
Reject: "Do you know how much these boots cost? I think I'll pass."
When asked about quest: "When your nose is fully desensitized, meet me in Shenzun Tunnels"

Reward Dialogue

"I'm certainly glad that nightmare is over. I have no forgiveness for the monsters they have become and I think I've about had my fill of sewers. I just need to remind myself that life is greater than our momentary desires and discomforts. It might not seem like it now, but someday this victory will be a mere footnote to our great deeds."
"Here, take this. It's from the Ministry. Maybe you should use the money to get yourself cleaned up."


Cleansing the Undercity
Cleansing Shenzun Tunnels (Hard mode)


Leave from Maatu Keep and enter Shenzun Tunnels. Start heading north. Watch out for the Am Fah, do not aggro more than one group. Continue until you reach Initiate Zei Ri. Before engaging the first group coming in the distance, stay on the hill to kill the group coming from behind. After that, try to pull the groups to make it easier to kill them. After a few waves, Zei Ri shall say that battle is almost over, the last group will spawn in the center. Finish killing that group, and go get your reward.