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Codex Arena
Hero Battles
Basic Info
Campaign: Core
Type: Arena
Part of: The Battle Isles
Zcoins This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.

Description[ | ]

The Codex arena is a PvP arena mode, similar to Sealed Play. You must choose your build from a limited pool of skills. These skills change every four hours.

Location[ | ]

Getting There[ | ]

The Codex Arena outpost is accessible via map-travel after talking to a Priest of Balthazar. This outpost is the former Hero Battles location.

NPCs[ | ]

Exits[ | ]

  • none

Competitive Mission[ | ]

Team Setup[ | ]

The following applies for this arena:

  • Level Requirement: 20
  • Team size: 4
  • Teams: Formed groups

The Codex[ | ]

The Codex is the list of skills from which a player can choose. The Codex list changes every 6 hours.

While in Codex Arena, there is a special sorting option in the Skill Panel (K).
This option allows you to toggle between viewing all available Codex skills and only skills available to your profession combination.

Additionally, there are a few special restrictions for specific professions:

Elementalists, Necromancers and Mesmers will receive 20 normal skills and 5 elites.
Rangers will receive 19 normal skills and 4 elites.
Monks and Ritualists will receive 16 normal skills and 4 elites.
Assassins, Dervish, Warriors and Paragons will receive 17 normal skills and 3 elites.

Codex Assassin skills are guaranteed to include one randomly selected Lead Attack and one randomly selected Off-Hand Attack. (Neither of these will be Elite, and the Off-Hand attack will be one that requires a Lead Attack.)
Codex Necromancer skills are guaranteed to include one randomly selected, non-elite minion-summoning skill.
Codex Ritualist skills are guaranteed to include one randomly selected, non-elite Binding Ritual.

Rules[ | ]

The rules of combat are set in three pillars (Declarations of Honor):

"Honor the Codex"
  • Each player must use only the skills provided by the current codex which changes every six hours.
"Honor your Team"
  • No Heroes or Henchmen are permitted. Every player on the 4-man-team must be of a different primary profession.
"Honor your Profession"
  • Only elite skills of your primary profession may be used.

Match Types[ | ]

Kill the other team!
Obelisk Annihilation
Kill the other team, flag obelisks for extra help!
Priest annihilation
A Priest resurrects his team every two minutes, kill the other team and their priest to win!
Kill count
Score more kills than the other team, in 3 minutes!

Tip: To get acquainted with these match types, ask the Master of Paths to take you to the Training Arena.

Maps[ | ]

Battles take place in any of the following arenas:

Match type Arena name
Annihilation Amnoon Arena
Ascalon Arena
Churranu Island Arena
D'Alessio Arena
Fort Koga
Petrified Arena
Shing Jea Arena
Shiverpeak Arena
Sunspear Arena
Obelisk Annihilation Brawler's Pit
Heroes' Crypt
Priest Annihilation Deldrimor Arena
Seabed Arena
Kill count The Crag

Rewards[ | ]

Codex title track honor points are gained by winning consecutive matches in the Codex arena. 1 point is awarded at 5 matches, an additional 2 by winning 10, and so on, up to 4 points at 20 matches. After the 20 match limit, 4 points are awarded every 5 matches.

A Strategist's Zaishen Strongbox is awarded after every 5 consecutive wins.

The following Balthazar Faction rewards are given in the Codex Arena:

Notes[ | ]

  • The codex changes each day at 16:00 UTC.
  • The winning party must remain together at the end of the match to continue; if someone leaves, the countdown timer never starts and the party must map travel back to the outpost to continue. (As a courtesy to your teammates, be sure that you have enough time to play before joining a group.)
  • The Priest in Priest annihilation match has no skills and 800 health.
  • A few skills will behave differently while in Codex Arena, be sure to always check your skills before you enter battle so you won't get surprised during the match.
  • Protector's Defense, Armor of Sanctity, Symbols of Inspiration, and Visions of Regret are restricted from Codex Arena.
Bug Bug! You will not be able to use elite skills of a different primary profession even when you acquire them during the fight by skills like Arcane Thievery.

Tips[ | ]

  • Resurrection Signet can be used to bring back fallen allies quickly and efficiently, and will be recharged after a battle. Avoid the hard res skills (especially Rebirth, Vengeance and Resurrect) because they leave both the caster and the revived vulnerable.
  • Be sure to check all available skills before entering to make the most viable build.