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Codex Arena
Zaishen Challenge Quest
Zaishen Combat
1 Platinum.png
6000 Balthazar
25 Copper Zaishen Coin.png
50 Copper Zaishen Coin.png 1st bonus
100 Copper Zaishen Coin.png 2nd bonus
175 Copper Zaishen Coin.png total


  1. Win 3 battles in Codex Arena.
  2. *BONUS* Win 5 battles in a row in Codex Arena.
  3. *BONUS* Win 9 battles in Codex Arena.


"Balthazar favors the clever as well as the strong. Prove your worth by winning at least three battles in the Codex Arena before returning to Zehnchu."

Accept: "I can do that!"
Reject: "No, I'm way too busy today."
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