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  1. Lead frost golems through the crushers. Combine enough ice with the "warm one" to make it a "cold one".
  2. See Krak Flamewhip for your reward.

Obtained from

Krak Flamewhip in Sorrow's Furnace


Take Summit Slaves



"It's hot in here, slave. I need a cold one. Fetch me one, and make it cold. Got it?:"'
Accept: "Right away, Boss! One one [sic] that's cold, coming up."
Reject: "That's scarcely important enough to be a genuine request. I have other duties to attend to."

Reward Dialogue

"Ahh... that hits the spot. Next time, bring an even colder one!"


You will receive the quest item "Warm One" from Krak. Follow the quest marker. You will meet several Frost Golems, which will follow you. Lead them to the crushers marked on the map. There will be several hostile Dredge around, make sure they don't kill too many of your golems, you will need at least five! Once the fight is over lead the golems under a crusher, but be careful not to stand under it yourself, you will be killed in one blow (though you can be resurrected with no death penalty). The crusher will crush the golems into ice pieces, that can be picked up (they do not stack) and combined by double clicking on them then on the "warm one". Five pieces of ice will turn it into the desired "cold one". Bring it back to Krak to finish the quest.


  • Try not to crush more Golems than you need. The remaining will keep on following you and will fight enemies with you and draw fire. They are not a big help, but they come with no cost.
  • Since this is a repeatable quest, you can keep extra ice pieces in your inventory and redo the quest without having to crush the ice once again. This is not advisable if you are not going to redo the quest soon, since Ice does not stack and so you will take up space of your inventory.
  • Henchmen are not crushed by the Crushers. Bring Mhenlo or Lina along because they can resurrect you without worrying about being crushed.
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