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Description[edit | edit source]

Cold damage is caused by any attack involving cold or ice. It is caused by Water Magic spells, any weapon with a cold damage upgrade, and most Necromantic spells and hex damage. This type of damage is often overlooked in PvP (with fire damage and lightning damage being more feared), so its proper use can surprise an opponent.

Related Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons that inherently cause cold damage[edit | edit source]

Weapon upgrades that cause cold damage:[edit | edit source]

Weapon Bonuses against cold damage:[edit | edit source]

Armor against cold damage:[edit | edit source]

When to use Cold[edit | edit source]

Cold damage skills generally have a slowdown effects, although not all do.

Ice Prison and Teinai's Prison end if the hexed foe takes fire damage. A ranger can prevent early termination of this hex by using Winter.

Related skills[edit | edit source]

These skills cause cold damage:

These skills involve cold damage in other ways:

Effect of cold damage to creatures[edit | edit source]

The following creatures are known to have a natural resistance to cold damage:

The following creatures are known to be susceptible to cold damage:

Damage types
Physical damage: Blunt damageSlashing damagePiercing damage
Elemental damage: Cold damageEarth damageFire damageLightning damage
Others: Chaos damageDark damageHoly damageShadow damage