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Throughout the world of Guild Wars there are collectors scattered about the landscape, searching for a number of certain items such as Bleached Shells or Fetid Carapaces. In return for these "collectibles" they offer items such as armor and weapons which may be of value for players. Due to the huge number of collectors throughout the world, we've separated them into the following categories:

Keep in mind that collectors only take drops from the geographical region they're in (with exceptions explained below); Jade Mandibles from the Crystal Desert zones are never going to be accepted by a collector in Lion's Arch. If you can't remember where you got a drop from, a helpful hint is that the value of collectable drops usually stay the same throughout one region, with only two known exceptions (though multiple regions might have the same value). Be warned that some drops which match the profile of what you would expect for a collectable might not have a collector at all.

  • Collectors broken up by region (individual articles list collectables and offerings):
Campaign Location Value General Collectors Armor Collectors
Core The Underworld 20 Gold None None
The Fissure of Woe 60 Gold None None
Pre-Searing Ascalon 3 Gold General collectors (Pre-Searing) Armor collectors (Ascalon Pre-Searing)
Ascalon 5 Gold General collectors (Ascalon) Armor collectors (Ascalon)
Northern Shiverpeaks 8 Gold None Armor collectors (Northern Shiverpeaks)
Kryta 12 Gold General collectors (Kryta) Armor collectors (Kryta)
Maguuma Jungle 20 Gold General collectors (Maguuma Jungle) Armor collectors (Maguuma Jungle)
Crystal Desert 25 Gold General collectors (Crystal Desert) Armor collectors (Crystal Desert)
Southern Shiverpeaks 8 Gold General collectors (Southern Shiverpeaks) Armor collectors (Southern Shiverpeaks)
Sorrow's Furnace 30 Gold General collectors (Sorrow's Furnace) None
Ring of Fire Islands 30 Gold General collectors (Ring of Fire Islands) None
Shing Jea Island 3-20 Gold General collectors (Shing Jea Island) Armor collectors (Shing Jea Island)
Kaineng City 15-30 Gold General collectors (Kaineng City) Armor collectors (Kaineng City)
Echovald Forest 25-30 Gold General collectors (Echovald Forest) None
Jade Sea 25-30 Gold General collectors (Jade Sea) None
Istan 3-20 Gold General collectors (Istan) Armor collectors (Istan)
Kourna 15-30 Gold General collectors (Kourna) None
Vabbi 20-30 Gold General collectors (Vabbi)
The Desolation 25-30 Gold General collectors (The Desolation)
Realm of Torment 30 Gold General collectors (Realm of Torment)
Eye of the North
Charr Homelands 8-30 Gold General collectors (Charr Homelands) Armor collectors (Charr Homelands)
Depths of Tyria 8-30 Gold General collectors (Depths of Tyria) Armor collectors (Depths of Tyria)
Far Shiverpeaks 8-30 Gold General collectors (Far Shiverpeaks) Armor collectors (Far Shiverpeaks)
Tarnished Coast 8-30 Gold General collectors (Tarnished Coast) None


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