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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Paragon attribute. For commands keyed via the chat dialog box, sometimes called "Slash Commands", see commands. For the location in Elona sometimes called "The Command", see Command Post.

The Command attribute reflects an paragon's skill when protecting allies. This is not a primary attribute and may be used by secondary paragons.

Guild Wars Description[]

No inherent effect. Many Paragon skills, especially those that protect your allies or increase your tactical position on the battlefield, become more effective with higher Command.

General Description[]

The Command attribute is a Paragon attribute used to increase offensive and defensive abilities, or buff either the Paragon, his allies, or both, depending on the skill. For a list of skills which fall under this attribute, see Category:Command skills.

Command skills include Echoes, Chants, and Shouts. Command skills have a variety of effects including:

  • Those which cause conditions such as Crippled, and Deep Wound.
  • Those which increase defense by increasing ally and personal armor, minimizing damage, or negating foe’s attacks.
  • Those which increase speed
  • Those with healing effects like health regeneration.
  • Bringing allies back to life
  • Those which add additional damage, or directly affect foes.

Command skills are varied, and as a result, offer different types of aid during combat. Because of this, Command Paragons do not do any one thing extremely well, but instead have a variety of options.

Many Command skills relate to inflicting or preventing damage. Anthem of Guidance, which prevents Blocking, and Song of Concentration, which prevents interruption, are also Command skills.

It has certain similarities with the Warrior attribute Tactics and the Mesmer class’s ability to work in multiple situations without changing skills sets.

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