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  1. Travel to Majesty's Rest and enter The Mausoleum.
  2. Search the mausoleum for a sarcophagus worthy of a king.
  3. See The Countess of Hakewood for your reward.

Obtained from

The Countess of Hakewood in Lion's Arch


Heirlooms of the Mad King



"Ah, it's you again! The precious artifacts you gathered surely brought us one step closer to allowing our most wise and noble king to remain the mortal realm year-round. You've proven to be a most useful servant. It's time to complete the next step of the ritual."
"His Highness's soul can't rightly return to the mortal realm without having a body to unite with. Deep in the swamps of Kryta, near the border of the Maguuma Jungle, lies a great mausoleum that houses much of the nobility from generations past. Truly a "who's who" of wealthy dead people! I need you to claim our gracious king's mortal vessel so we may prepare it for his return. Search the mausoleum for the elegant sarcophagus, and you'll have our corpse!"
"Oh, one more thing: watch out for dragons!"
Accept: "The thought of the Mad Kin's soul floating around on the loose frightens me too much to say no."
Reject: "Ok, I have to draw the line at corpse stealing."

Reward dialogue

"Ah, yes. I figured picking out the corpse based on the exquisiteness of its casket would provide a vessel of sufficiently noble blood for His Highness's soul. Oh, don't give me that look! We would have used King Thorn's actual body, but... well, let's just say the revolting masses got rather creative with it after his untimely demise. I assure you, you would not want to have been tasked with fetching that cadaver! Here's something for your troubles. You may want to wash your hands, by the way."

Follow up

An Ingenious Plan


When you enter Majesty's Rest, three Mad King's Guards will spawn with you. To enter The Mausoleum, you must "speak" with the Enter the Mausoleum NPC, which is located behind Rotscale. It is not necessary to kill Rotscale, however — as long as someone can reach the NPC and click through the dialogue, you will be transported into the Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum itself is populated with large groups of undead that are packed fairly close together. Careful pulling should be employed to separate the groups, otherwise your party may be overwhelmed.

There are 5 Elegant Sarcophagi in the Mausoleum. The "correct" sarcophagus is assigned randomly each time, and the other sarcophagi will spawn an undead. After finding the one that updates the quest, you can return to Lion's Arch.