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Commander is a title awarded for an in-game achievement that you can display for prestige.

Gaining ranks in this title increases the maximum cap of unspent Balthazar’s faction by 5,000 faction points per level.

Rank 3 is required to be displayed in the Hall of Monuments.

Commander title track[]

These titles are granted to an account that has won a number of rated Hero Battles.

Rank Title Hero Battles won
1 Commander 125
2 Victorious Commander 250
3 Triumphant Commander 500
4 Keen Commander 840
5 Battle Commander 1,400
6 Field Commander 2,330
7 Lieutenant Commander 3,875
8 Wing Commander 6,480
9 Cobra Commander 10,800
10 Supreme Commander 18,000
11 Master and Commander 30,000
12 Legendary Commander 50,000
Note: Due to the removal of Hero Battles, this title can no longer be advanced. Players retain their accrued title points.


  • The Commander title can be displayed in the Monument of Honor at rank 3. However, it is mutually exclusive with the Codex title trophy, only one of them can be displayed. Also, only one of these two titles counts for the Kind Of A Big Deal progress, if both are maxed.
Historical note.png Historical note: As of the October 22, 2009 game update, this title can no longer be advanced. However, players will retain their current points and title progression.


  • Several of the ranks are likely pop culture references:
    • Keen Commander is a reference to Commander Keen.
    • Wing Commander is a reference to the Wing Commander computer game, although Wing Commander is also a rank in the Royal Air Force, and a position in the United States Air Force.
    • Cobra Commander is a reference to Cobra Commander from the G.I. Joe franchise.
    • Supreme Commander is a video game for PC released by Gas Powered Games, whose music composer also did the Guild Wars OST (Jeremy Soule).
    • Master and Commander is a reference to the novel by Patrick O'Bryan.

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