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Commander Joziah
Species: Ghost
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 20


Commander Joziah was one of the soldiers who stood by Turai Ossa. He informs the player about the Elona Reach mission, which you must complete in order to proceed the game and reach Ascension.



Before Elona Reach:
Commander Joziah: "I am Commander Joziah, leader of men, vanquisher of dragons, and lover of women. For more than two hundred years I have stood by Turai Ossa, and I will stand by him two hundred more if that is what it takes. You have reached your final destination on your quest for Ascension, but you have arrived before you are ready. Head northeast to Elona Reach. There you may reassemble the Vision Crystal. Be warned, this is no trifling task. Elona Reach is where our people failed to Ascend."
After Elona Reach:
Commander Joziah: "You have done well. The Vision Crystal have been assembled, and now the gaze of the gods can be focused upon you. Pass the other tests, and the sacred mesa will open. Inside you will find the final piece to the puzzle of Ascension. Turai Ossa will be pleased."