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Commander Kuro
Commander kuro.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Commander Kuro is a member of the Zaishen Order. He has been added to the Tomb of the Primeval Kings as part of the 13 January 2006 update.



"Greetings, (character name), I am Commander Kuro of the Zaishen Order. For two hundred years, we have been the sworn defenders of the Battle Isles and keepers of the Great Temple of Balthazar, welcoming all aspiring heroes who wish to study the ways of the god of war. At the Great Temple, the find training and opportunity to do battle in honor of Balthazar. We of the Zaishen do not leave our home without good reason... maintaining order among so many warlike strangers is no mean feat and requires a substantial force.
So why am I here? Simple. The head of our order, General Yurukaro, has sensed trouble at this entrance to the Hall of Heroes. She says that something evil has soured the ground, and so a few of us have been sent to investigate. After a perilous sea journey that I am not eager to repeat, I fear that what we have may be far graver than even General Yurukaro suspected. If you would investigate this disturbance, you may wish to bring an acolyte of Zaishen with you. I cannot guarantee your safety otherwise."