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Conditions are negative status effects that are placed upon a character either by a skill or by their environment. A single character can only be affected by a single instance of a particular condition at a time, though re-imposing a condition will reset its duration. There are several spells from different professions than can remove conditions, with monk skills being the most effective. Several skills, particularly certain warrior skills, only achieve their maximum effect if the target is already suffering from a condition. Each condition has a unique icon that shows up on the Effects Monitor, additionally, a creature suffering from a condition has a brown down arrow at the right end of their health bar. Non-fleshy creatures are immune to the bleeding, disease and poison conditions and spirits are immune to all conditions except burning.

Conditions include:

  • Bleeding.jpg Bleeding, -3 Health degeneration
  • Blind.jpg Blind, 90% chance to miss
  • Burning.jpg Burning, -7 Health degeneration
  • Cracked Armor.jpg Cracked Armor, -20 armor, minimum 60 armor
  • Crippled.jpg Crippled, 50% slower movement
  • Dazed.jpg Dazed, twice as long to cast spells, spells are easily interrupted
  • Deep Wound.jpg Deep Wound, 20% less maximum health, 20% less healing on this character
  • Disease.jpg Disease, -4 Health degeneration, contagious to all adjacent of the same species
  • Poison.jpg Poison, -4 Health degeneration
  • Weakness.jpg Weakness, 66% less damage dealt in combat, -1 to all attributes

Condition Removal Skills[]

See Condition removal quick reference.

Condition Transferring Skills[]

See Transfer condition skills quick reference.

Self Condition Inflict Skills[]

See Self condition inflict skills quick reference

Other condition-related skills[]

Condition Chain[]

Skills that require one condition to cause another one:

Conditions on knockdown[]

All these skills only inflict conditions when the target is knocked down:

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