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A conset is a set of consumables that grants party-wide buffs and is frequently used in Elite Missions or especially difficult farming areas. The set consists of an Essence of Celerity, an Armor of Salvation, and a Grail of Might, each of which are only available from consumables crafters in the Eye of the North. Sets are frequently available for trade with other players, with prices typically about 20% more than the cost of the materials.


After using a conset, each party member enjoys the following for 30 minutes:

  • +1 to all attributes
  • +100 maximum Health
  • +10 maximum Energy
  • +10 armor
  • +1 Health regeneration
  • 50% immunity to critical hits
  • damage reduction of 5
  • 20% faster movement and attack speeds
  • 20% reduction in skill activation and recharge times



  • The Powerstone of Courage, the Ebon Vanguard's unique consumable, removes all Death Penalty, adds a 10% Morale bonus, and recharges skills (as if a boss was just killed).
  • This item is not considered part of the conset for two reasons: (1) except for skill recharge, there are far cheaper alternatives (e.g. Honeycombs) and (2) the stone itself is only used in situations that should be preventable by use of the 3-item conset above.