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Disambiguous.png This article is about in-game continents. For real life areas on Earth (North America, Europe, Japan, ...), see Territory.

Continents are the largest areas in the game area that have a separate World Map.

Since the map does not show the coastline all around, it is not clear whether different continents are located on separate pieces of landmass. For example it is known that Tyria and Elona are adjacent on the same supercontinent, just like Europe and Asia are linked as Eurasia in real life.

Each campaign takes place on a different continent, with a common "core" continent for PvP.

A continent usually comprises of several regions, and may include nearby islands.

In order to map travel between continents, players open the map and click the boat icon to boat travel. (Note that this symbol must first be "unlocked" by reaching the port town.)


  • [1] Official page that shows how the continents might assemble together in a greater Guild Wars universe map according to the developer's view.