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A Control Point is a capturable shrine during an Alliance Battle. There are four distinctive kinds of control points that play a role in a battle. A Control Point has three status. Kurzick Control, Neutral and Luxon Control. To capture a control point a character must be within the danger radius zone of it. A control point will be in neutral status by default.

A Control Point will only be active to an alliance when it is under their control, this can be recognized by a blue light(Kurzick) or red light(Luxon) spreading out from the shrine. When the shrine is not controlled by either alliance, it will not display any color and is in a neutral status.

Control Points will grant certain bonuses to a side, for further details check the individual pages of the control point types.

By holding a control point: From the start of the match, every 7 seconds the game checks to see how many control points a side holds. 1 point is added to a side's score for every control point that side holds when the game checks.

Capturing a Control Point[]

A bar will appear when in range and show the status of who controls the shrine. The bar will be colored blue (Kurzick control) or red (Luxon control) and 1-4 arrows which are colored in the same way, representing how many players are attemplting to seize the shrine. For instance, if Kurzicks have 5 characters within range of the control point and the Luxons have 2 characters within range. The Kurzicks will have a +3 push into controlling the shrine. Capturing a point will speed up relative to how much gain a side has on the control point. Minions, Pets and Spirits will not influence this loss or gain, however NPC's will count towards their teams gain.

When a control point has been lost by a side it will enter neutral status. When a control point has been completely taken over by either the Kurzicks or Luxons, it will spawn a pre-set number of NPC's depending on the shrine type and where it is located.

Control Points can be soloed but it is recommended to attack a them with a group so that you may gain the benefit of the +4 gain towards controlling the control point.

Control Point types[]


  • Control Points are also called "shrines" or "stations" within Alliance Battles.