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{{BeastInfo |
{{BeastInfo |
| name = Convicted Criminal (Ranger)
| name = Convictsdavage Shot}}
| image = [[Image:Luxon Ranger.jpg]]
| species = [[Human]]
| prof = [[Ranger]] | icon = [[image:ranger-icon.png]]
| level = 20}}
These [[Ranger]]s are encountered in a gladiator-style fight with a group of convincted criminals and [[Jade Sea]] creatures during the quest "[[The Jade Arena]]."
*[[The Jade Sea]]:
**[[Archipelagos]]: In the [[Jade Arena]] west and south west of [[Cavalon]], only during the quest "[[The Jade Arena]]."
==Skills Used==
*{{skill icon|Archer's Signet}}
*{{skill icon|Concussion Shot}}
*{{skill icon|Savage Shot}}
*{{skill icon|Choking Gas}}
*{{skill icon|Choking Gas}}
*{{skill icon|Troll Unguent}}
*{{skill icon|Troll Unguent}}

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Convictsdavage Shot
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