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Cooperative Mission outposts (left to right): Prophecies, Factions, and Nightfall

A Cooperative Mission is a party-based mission in which human players must achieve the mission goal(s) while battling against computer-controlled foes. Cooperative Missions are all initiated from a mission outpost - these are differentiated from normal outposts by a special icon on the World Map (shown to the right). Completing Cooperative Missions (along with primary quests) is how a character progresses through the storyline.


A party must be in the mission outpost to enter a Cooperative Mission; the party leader is the only party member able to do so. In Prophecies and Factions, this is done by clicking the "Enter Mission" button on the Party List; in Elona, by speaking with a specific "mission starter" NPC in the outpost (identified by a green "shield & swords" icon above the character's head).

Each mission has one or more goals which are listed in the Quest Log while in the mission, under the heading "Mission Objectives." All objectives except those marked as "BONUS" or "OPTIONAL" must be achieved in order to complete the mission. It is possible to outright fail some mission objectives, such as allowing a mission-critical NPC to die; if this happens, the party will be defeated and returned to the mission outpost.

As mentioned above, the party does not have to complete any bonus objectives to complete the mission. However, completing these objectives will gain additional rewards for the party; see the section on Mission Rewards below for details. In most cases, the bonus objectives will not be known to the party at the start of the mission - they must perform some action to "unlock" the bonus. Also note that not all missions have bonus objectives: most of the Prophecies and Nightfall missions do have a bonus, whereas most Factions missions do not.

Upon completing a mission, the party will be transported to a specific location, either an outpost or a town. In many cases, this will be a new location that the character will not yet have visited. Some areas in the game can only be accessed by completing the missions that lead to them.

Note: There are two exceptions to the "party-based" theme of Cooperative Missions: Augury Rock in Prophecies and Tihark Orchard in Nightfall only allow a party size of 1.

Mission Rewards[]

Characters earn rewards of experience points, skill points, and gold for completing missions, as well as additional rewards for completing bonus objectives. The rewards are per-character, meaning that every character in the party receives the full reward; the XP or gold is not shared among the party.

Reward systems[]

The three campaigns each have slightly different reward systems which are described below.

Prophecies rewards[]

In Prophecies, the bonus objectives can be completed independently of the main mission objectives; that is, the bonus can be completed at any time without ever having to complete the mission.

  • Exception: Augury Rock bonus requires that the main objective be completed within a certain timeframe.
XP Gold Skill Points
Normal Mode Mission completion 1,000 0 1
Bonus completion 1,000 0 0
Hard Mode Mission completion 2,000 500 1
Bonus completion 2,000 500 1
  • Exception: Augury Rock, in addition to the normal rewards, gives a reward of 50,000 XP if the character has not yet completed the Ascension-equivalent mission/quest in another campaign.

Factions rewards[]

The rewards for Factions missions are dependent on how quickly the party completes the mission. Completing a mission will always earn the Standard Reward; if the party completes the mission under a certain time limit, they will also earn the Expert's Reward; if they finish under a second, shorter time limit, they will earn the Master's Reward.

XP Gold Skill Points
Normal Mode Standard Reward 1,000 100 1
Expert's Reward 1,500 150 1
Master's Reward 2,000 200 1
Hard Mode Standard Reward 1,000 200 1
Expert's Reward 2,000 300 1
Master's Reward 3,000 500 1
  • Exceptions: In both Gyala Hatchery and The Eternal Grove, the rewards are not based on time but on how many of a certain group of NPCs survive the mission.
  • These rewards are cumulative: if a party completes a mission for the first time under the Master's Reward limit, they will receive 4,500 XP, 450 gold, and 3 skill points.
  • The Expert's and Master's Rewards do not have to be achieved the first time through a mission — characters may attempt a mission as many times as needed to achieve the higher rewards.

Nightfall rewards[]

Nightfall mission rewards are the same as in Factions, except that only a few of them are time-based. Most Nightfall missions have Prophecies-like bonus objectives, although the objective is always numerical in some sense, and the rewards are based on cutoffs within that objective.

  • Exception: Because it is a tutorial mission, the XP and gold rewards for Chahbek Village in Normal Mode are much lower than normal; the skill point rewards, however, are not changed.

Rewards and Titles[]

The Protector and Guardian titles will be earned when a character has completed all missions at the highest level possible, Protector for completing them in Normal Mode and Guardian for completing them in Hard Mode. In Prophecies, both the primary and bonus objectives must be completed for all missions; in Factions and Nightfall, the character must earn the Master's Reward on all missions.

Rewards in foreign lands[]

When a character leaves their home continent to travel the world, an in-game timeline is enforced that prevents the character from earning rewards in missions prior to the point at which they arrive on the other continents. Upon entering one of these missions, the character will see the message, "You are about to relive events as they occurred in <location> prior to your arrival in <continent>." Note: This only applies to finishing the missions in Normal Mode; rewards can be earned for all missions in Hard Mode regardless of which continent a character is from.

The affected missions are:

These missions must still be completed for the character to earn the Protector or Guardian titles, however.

Cooperative Missions vs Quests[]

Many players commonly confuse Cooperative Missions with quests and vice versa. Granted, at their most basic level missions are simply glorified quests, but there are some important differences.

Quest Mission
Active quests always appear in Quest Log Objectives appear in Quest Log only while in the mission
Take place in regular explorable areas with active resurrection shrines Take place in mission-specific areas or in special instances of explorable areas where resurrection shrines are disabled
Often take place across multiple outposts and explorable areas Always begin from a specific mission outpost and take place in a mission-specific instance of an explorable area
Leaving an explorable area (by entering an outpost or by map travel) while doing a quest will usually not reset the quest objectives, although there are some quests where this does occur Leaving a mission area (only possible by map travel) will always reset the objectives and require you to start over from the beginning when you re-enter the mission
Are always obtained from a specific NPC and finished by speaking to another (sometimes the same) NPC Usually do not rely on NPCs for starting/finishing (although in Elona you must speak to an NPC to enter the mission, it is a different kind of dialog)

Mandatory Missions[]

Not all missions are mandatory in order to complete a campaign's storyline or to reach all explorable areas, meaning that it is possible to finish a campaign or to complete the Cartographer title without finishing all missions.




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