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Coordinator Tahyaa
Coordinator Tahyaa.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Coordinator Tahyaa is in charge of organising the Canthan New Year festival.

Quests Given[]



"Hello, <character name>! Welcome to the Lunar New Year festival! My job is to make sure the event runs smoothly and that everyone has a good time."

What is the Lunar New Year festival?

"I'm glad you asked! The festival has taken place for years, but not many know of its true heritage. Long ago the emperor came to understand that each passing year exhibited characteristics normally associated with particular animals. In order to honor those animals and their influence over our lives, the emperor decreed that each year must be named for it's patron animal. The emperor also noticed that the progression of years eventually repeated, so that is why you will hear people of different ages claim to be born in the same year. I will not bore you with the specifics of each individual year's animals. There are most likely others here who can shed some light on that subject should you be interested."

So what exactly do you do here?

"Well, as I said earlier, I make sure the festival runs smoothly. I ensure that the decorations are prepared, the fireworks ordered and the proper entertainment is provided throughout the festival. It can be rather tedious, to be frank, and I have to file a great deal of scrollwork with the ministry. Of course once the festival begins my job becomes a bit more exciting. It seems like something always goes wrong. Why one year the fireworks didn't show up until the last day! The nian almost destroyed the entire festival and ruined everyone's luck for the whole year!"