Corsair's Net

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Skill details
Corsair's Net
Corsair's Net.jpg
Campaign Nightfall
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Hex Spell
    10 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png

Full: Throw a net at target foe. On impact, all foes in the area move slower for 10 seconds. The net projectile flies at a quarter of the normal speed.

Concise: Quarter speed projectile: target and foes in the area move slower (10 seconds).


Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This skill is used by all Corsairs.
  • Due to its low projectile speed, it is not too hard to avoid the net. However, it often makes it quite risky to pull a group of corsairs.
  • Although unlisted, the speed reduction is 66%.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! The cast time is closer to 3 seconds.
Anomaly.png Anomaly! Speed boosts have no effect while caught in the net.