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Quest Map


  1. Go with the men of the village and Elder Olunideh and drive the corsairs away from Istani soil.
  2. See Elder Olunideh for your reward.

Obtained from

Elder Olunideh in Kodlonu Hamlet


Nightfall Character
Corsair Invasion



"Greetings, <name>. Not long ago you helped us drive a small band of corsairs from our lands. They must have gotten a message to their ships about our village, because a very large party of corsairs has landed on that same island. I've evacuated all fisher folk in the area. Now we must move against these vermin before they get too comfortable. Again we must ask the Sunspears for help. The people of this land need you, will you heed their call?"
Accept: "Of course we are with you. Lead the way."
Reject: "Now is not a good time."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Elder Olunideh: "Come, men! These corsairs will show our families no mercy, so we must drive them out!"

Reward Dialogue

"Your help in this mission has been invaluable. I see now why you were chosen to be a Sunspear. Your courage will lead you to greatness."


Exit from Kodlonu Hamlet and you will immediately meet up with Elder Olunideh along with three Istani Commoners. Head to the green marker where the broken ship is located. After eradicating the 4 corsair groups around the broken ship, talk to Elder Olunideh again to obtain the reward.


  • Elder Olunideh will not be targeted by any enemies. Therefore, there's no need to protect him from attacks.
  • The commoners walk slowly, are almost useless in combat, and interfere with pulling, so you should get them killed before meeting the corsairs.
  • It is wiser to pull each group away from the ship instead of engaging all of them at once.